ROV surveys for marine spatial planning in the Gulf of Maine

U. of Maine's Darling Marine Center in Damariscotta, ME


The Gulf of Maine is a unique ecosystem with incredible biological as well as commercial importance. In recent years, interest in installing off-shore wind turbines in the Gulf of Maine has grown. While the prospect of this alternative energy source is attractive, effective marine spatial planning is crucial to minimize disruption to the marine ecosystem. However, prior to this project little information was available as to the spatial characteristics of the Gulf of Maine seafloor. As part of the Robert Steneck lab and research assistant to Jennifer McHenry, M.S., I conducted video transects of benthic substrate and marine life at the seafloor using a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV).

For more information and results, see "Abiotic proxies for benthic megafaunal assemblages".

For some thrilling ROV footage, see our highlight reel.